Cave, Glacier and Hot Spring, a busy day

Date: 25/06/2017
From/To: Arnastapi
Distance: 0 Km
Total Distance: 4381Km
Weather: Cold, Sunny
Road: –

Today we were contemplating to make a glacier hike. Unfortunately all the hikes were booked, so we decided to do the next best thing- getting up on a snow cat instead. Since the tour started around lunch time, we decided to have a look at the nearby Vulcan tubes beforehand. When we got there, we got the right outfit, hard hat and a torch.

We had to climb down through a spiral staircase to the cave.

There were some interesting stone formation and explanation, how the tubes got created and how it can be identified.

Next stop was the Glacier tour.

A bus drove us up to the foot of the glacier, where the snow cat was waiting. Below you can see the snowcat on the top of the glacier.

The view was stunning. Particular since we couldn’t see the Glacier at all in the last two days, since it was hiding behind clouds.

We promised Silas (our grandson) to send him a picture of snow, so we build a snow man with gummi bears as eyes and a pen as nose. I think he looks marvellous.

Below are some more pictures from the top of the glacier.

We thought after we had it cold, we should have a go at something hot, so Peter drove us to a hot bath nearby. There were three pools, the big one with a nice warm temperature, a smaller one a bit hotter and the last one was really hot. All up it was really relaxing and the picture taken were around 9PM.

On our way back we stopped at a national park sign, so we took some shots and went home.

Peter tries to tame the wild birds around our house. He found out that they only start mock attacks, they don’t really hurt you (at least not on purpose J ).

What a wonderful day, full of sunshine and we made the most out of it. Tomorrow we will change location and move to Selfoss, where Peter and Gerlind stayed when they first arrived in Iceland.

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