Date: 23-24/06/2017
From/To: Akureyri – Arnarstapi
Distance: 428 Km
Total Distance: 4809 Km
Weather: Cold, Rain, Extremely Windy
Road: Paved Road

Today we would move from Akureyri to Arnastapi, where we booked another cabin for a couple of days. The weather in morning didn’t look very enticing, but we had the right gear.

So we continued over a rainy, cold pass and learned that our boots were not water tight. After a stop in at a petrol station we exchanged the soaked socks for dry ones and continued.

Everything was sort of fine until roughly 30km away from our new accommodation. Here we got very strong sporadic Gail forces winds, it nearly blow us off the road. I think Gerlind and Peter were worried for us as they saw this in their rear view mirror. Anyway, despite this, we made to our new accommodation without any major incidents. When we checked the current weather report, we ralised there was a warning for all Caravans, they should stay where they were because of Gail forced winds.

So it would have been wise to have a look at the weather forecast before we start to travel J Anyway, the accommodation was great. It was close to a cliff, a natural reserve and a stone sculpture, Bardur Snafellas, he is the protector of the Snafellas.

The next day we walked through the natural reserve. There were some amazing stone formation and plenty of birds

Some of the stones looked like faces, you can imagine a Troll was exposed to sun light and then turned into stone. The picture below shows clearly a face.

At the end of the natural reserve was a small village with a pebble beach and rocks with orange sea weed.

When we were sitting on the pebble beach, I saw a fin in the water, so I zoomed in and took a couple of shots. Looking at the long small fin, it must been an Okra. I saw more of a whale on this beach then I saw at whale watching tour.

On our way home, we walk along the path to our house. This was the first time that we realised that birds in the grass would try to attack us to protect their nests. Here’s Gerlind walking along and successfully ignoring the birds 🙂

Tomorrow should be a sunny day, so we might give a Glacier walk a try.

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