Off we go

Date: 25-28/05/2017
From/To: Adelaide – Wiesbaden

On the last Day, we had still a long task list to finish. Below are some pictures how I felt with the number of tasks and the time remaining.

 We packed our luggage and put it on a scale. Hmm, no  way that we can take all our stuff with only 30kg luggage  per person. At the end, we sacrificed our tent, repacking  everything, back, forward, back again until we just made it  with 30kg luggage person plus 7Kg hand luggage. Not  sure how we can carry that, don’t worry, we will be fine.

And here an attempt to carry most of the luggage.

 We finished just in time when  the family came to pick us up.  Together we had a fare well  snack with the family at the  airport,

 And off we went, Europa we are coming. The first leg  was to Doha, where we were lucky enough that each of  us would get a 3 seat row, so we could have a good night  sleep. The layover was without any problems and we  arrived in Frankfurt the next morning.






Now we had to carry that entire luggage to/from the train which was a harder than we thought.

 Doris has organized some  dinner with friends where we  tried  some specialties of the  regions.
 On the next day we had a very  relaxing breakfast , visited  Dieters grave (Sigrids Dad) and  went with Doris and Helga to a    restaurant that served freshly  harvested ‘Asparagus ‘.

Next day we packed up and left for Berlin. This time we left some luggage at Doris’s place; the plan was we would pick it up later when we pass by her house while picking up the bikes.

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