Family First – No, not the party


Date: 29-30/05/2017
From-To: Berlin
Distance: —
Road: —

No, I’m not talking about the Australian political party. We were meeting with Sigrid family before we would start to organize the bikes and me my Visa. We used the ICE to get to Berlin. Bodo and Gabi were so nice to pick us up from ‘Ostbahnhof’. On the next day we had a short walk around inner Berlin, trying to get a Currywurst from a famous stall. We forgot that it was Sunday. We kept walking and stumbled across a Beer garden with some stalls.




We had something to eat

and Sigrid gave “Moonshine” a local liquor a go.

We went back to Bodo and Gabi’s flat and checked out possibilities to get to Anita’s and Bernd’s celebration. The location was on the fringe of Berlin, but the public transport is great. So after looking at an public transport app and getting some instructions from Bodo, we were ready to go. Bodo showed us to the train station and we took a picture of the station, so we would know on our way back where to exit the train. So off we went, had a beautiful tour through the outskirts of Berlin. .


Anita and Bernd celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and invited us last year. When our trip/retirement started to get closer, we thought we would like to attend and celebrate with them together. The location was at the ‘Rübezahl’, a location on Müggelsee, a big lake.








The setup was fantastic.



Anita and Bernd spend a lot of attention to details. On each of our place setting we found small chocolate hart with ‘Liebe ist’ sayings, which we remembered from our youth.

Couples married more than 20 years even got an porcelain angel which was very cuteJ.








We really enjoyed to catch up with our family and appreciated the warm hospitality and the generous setup of the celebration.







As a side note –Sigrid and I tried the whole day to get a currywurst, without success. As we learned now, there is a ‘Midnight Currywurst’ custom at parties in Berlin, that mean that at midnight a currywurst was severed. As you can see, we really enjoyed it. At the end of the night we were ready to take the public transport back, but Dagmar convinced us that it would be better that she would drive us back to Bodo, which she did.








The next day we visited Gabi’s and Bodo’s Garden where lots of flowers were blooming. It was a beautiful day, but it got cold very early, so we packed up and went back to Gaby and Bobo’s flat.

where we warmed up by coffee and cake.

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