Visit family in Wiesbaden

Date: 10/10/2013
City: Wiesbaden, Germany
Kilometres ridden: 568
Cumulative kilometre: 63188
Street: Highway
Weather: Cloudy, rainy, cold

We packed our noble steed and left for Wiesbaden around lunch time. The weather in Paris was sunny but further away it started to get colder and cloudy. After around 100 km I stopped, since it got too cold- even for me :-). We got the heated gear out and took off again quickly realising that it wasn’t working, bummer. After another 100km it got so cold that we had to stop again. Now I was motivated enough to start to trouble shoot at the petrol station. It turned out that only the wire to the battery was broken. Luckily it was the minus, so I could just connect the lose wire to the frame and it was toasty warm again. That lifted our spirit.

Because Sigrid would like to travel through Luxemburg we made a slight detour. It was sort off on our way anyways.

We had rain on and off and the temperature dropped a lot. As we found out, it was snowing in different parts of Germany, luckily not where we were travelling. After nightfall we were in the Hudsrueck hills but finally we arrived around 10PM in Wiesbaden. Doris was over the moon and gave us a nice warm welcome.

Date: 11 -12/10/2013
City: Wiesbaden, Germany
Kilometres ridden: 0
Cumulative kilometre: 63188
Street: N/A
Weather: Cloudy, rainy, cold

The next two day we talked a lot about our trip and setup Doris computer so we could communicate in future via Skype. Later on we meet Doris friend, Helga. At night we had dinner at a nearby restaurant and meet with Helga’s daughter and granddaughter. The food was fantastic and we enjoyed the evening.


The next day we went to a garden shop, which had everything, from flowers, plant, trees, Christmas trees and decoration, sculptures and animals.


At night Doris and Helga took us to a restaurant that they are frequently visiting. We tried some local speciality, ‘Hand Kaese mit Music’ which is a particular type of cheese with cumin and onions. It turned out that it tasted much better than I thought, so the cook had to prepare even more of these snacks.


Later that night we contacted Anita, Sigrid’s cousin in Hamburg to find out if they had time to meet us. They did and offered us to stay at their place, so we happily accepted.

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