Rote Rosen

Date: 13/10/2013
City: Hamburg, Germany
Kilometers ridden: 537
Cumulative kilometer: 63725
Street: N/A
Weather: Cloudy, cold

We packed up in the morning and left Wiesbaden having nice weather. Our target today is Hamburg to visit Sigrid’s cousin and her husband. They kindly offered to let us stay at their place for the next two days. The ride went without any problems, except the expected traffic jam in Hamburg. When we arrive Anita and Bernd gave us a warm welcome and we talked until 2:30 AM.

Lucky that Anita and Bern had the next day off, so we planned to sleep in and have a nice breakfast together.

City: Hamburg, Germany
Kilometers ridden: 152
Cumulative kilometer: 63877
Street: N/A
Weather: Cloudy, cold

We enjoyed our nice long breakfast together. When I looked out of the window I saw a familiar looking rodent checking out the motorcycle.

We left just after lunch and headed to Lueneburg to have a look at the town where the TV series “Rote Rosen” which we watch is filmed.  We decided to check out the town before visiting the film studio. The town now has a guided tour to see the real buildings from the outdoor shoots and a hotel and restaurant with the name.

It was fun to wander through the town and see buildings that we have seen in the series. Time was getting away from us, so we hopped onto the bike and went to the studio to meet Mario who’d been volunteered to do the tour for us. If you believe it or not the tour was organized by Donata whom we meet in Tikal. When we told her then that we watched Rote Rosen during our trip, she mentioned that she might be able to organize a tour for us when we come to Germany. This was so far away that we didn’t think it would eventuate, and here we are, at the door of the studio. As you can see, Sigrid had to convince the guard dog not to tear us apart. She did a marvelous job 😀

Not long after us Mario arrived and we set off. First we saw the hospital, which really was a corridor that connects the offices. Amazing, the whole hospital really consists of this corridor and one single room, which has either a desk and a filing cabinet or a bed with a chair.

Below are just a couple of picture which will only mean something to people who watch the soap opera 😉.
Below is Sigrid in Herrn Flickenschild’s office. What I didn’t realize until this moment, the set has only three walls, there is no fourth wall. It seems obvious when you think about it, but until then I didn’t realize.

And here is Sigrid in the Berger’s living room,

Mr Lichtenhagens desk at home and bath room in the Rosen Haus

and the living room at the estate.

While looking through a whole hall with props we found some signs used in previous setups, how amazing!

Eventually we could even witness how a scene was made and what technical effort was behind it. Every shot has to be done at least twice, first for the tone and lighting and then for real. The quantity of scenes is 45 minutes per day, which seems to be a lot. Mario explained that for a normal movie it is only 6 to 8 minutes per day. After the guided tour we followed Mario back to Hamburg to meet with Donata and enjoyed a nice dinner. And here are our heroes, Donata on the left and Mario on the right. Unfortunately Tobi, Donata’s partner whom we meet in Tikal as well, was working in Berlin, so couldn’t be here. I would never have pictured me as being star-struck around celebrities, but I must admit it was a great feeling to see the actors from the screen in person. Thanks guys for making it possible for us to see the studio in action.

After a marvelous dinner we went home to Anita’s and Bernd’s house and tomorrow we will set off for the Oresund Bridge in Sweden, with a small detour to Wilhelmshaven, which is in the opposite direction, but more about that in the next blog.

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