Some awesome passes

City: Domodossola, Italy
Kilometres ridden: 293
Cumulative kilometre: 59936
Street: Highway, Mountain Pass
Weather: Sunny, cold, warm

Yesterday we did the Stelvio Pass and that was quite amazing with its 48 switchbacks. Today we were looking to get over the Oberalp Pass, the Maria Pass and the Furkapass. When we arrived at the Oberalp Pass we felt a bit hungry and I must admit it smelled nice outside of the kitchen, so we decided to have lunch there.

Sigrid enjoyed her Hirsch Ragout and I had some Rostis with eggs, I was in heaven J

During our lunch, more and more red Porsches were arriving, all of them older but in very good conditions.

When I took the picture I noticed a Lighthouse, not sure why, maybe Noah had some input here….

From here we continued to the next pass, Maria pass and then the Furka Pass.

We noticed that the snow line was getting closer and closer, and were hoping to avoid any snow on the road. We were lucky. The view from here was stunning; you could follow the road through the valley and see the next pass with a lake at the other end. When we were looking around and taking pictures we noticed a helicopter coming in and trying to land on the road beneath us. I thought that looked like a rescue helicopter. As it turned out it was one!
We took a closer look at the place where he tried to land and noticed a broken guardrail. And looking a bit closer again we spotted a car at the next road level down and people attending to a person next to it. That gave us the shivers, we continued extra careful after that

From here we pushed on to the Italy, since accommodation there is more affordable then in Switzerland. So after the border we turned off the highway and looked for a hotel. Finally we found one! When I was parking the bike in it’s spot I noticed that the clutch noise got worse. So we determined where the closest BMW workshop is and how we could get there. It turned out that just 100km on the highway from here there is a BMW workshop in Alessandria. So that will be the target for tomorrow.

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