Party Time in Fairbanks

Date: 12/07 – 14/07
City: Fairbanks, Alaska
Kilometres ridden: 0
Cumulative kilometre: 52832
Street: Street
Weather: Sunny, warm

We started the day relaxed, had a nice breakfast and started the tedious task of cleaning the bikes. The pressure cleaner got rid of the big chunks of that dried calcium chloride, but most of the bike was still dirty and some screws and the chain showed the first signs of rust. So we went to a shopping centre, bought some cleaning utensils and got to work. It took the rest of the day before we finished (before and after shots below).

The next day we started to have a look at the rest of the trip. It was really hard to make a start, we don’t know when and where we can sell the bikes, so we don’t know when and from where we fly to Europe. We also tried to get a price for a round the world ticket, which was not trivial either. In other word, we spent a lot of time but didn’t get anywhere. That was the moment when Lutz, a fellow guest at Sven’s from Germany, asked us if we would like to join them to go to a beer festival. He had already organized a dedicated driver, Rachel. She arrived yesterday from Switzerland and will work here for two Month. We were ready in no time and off we went. Rachel hadn’t driven one of these huge American Pickup trucks and their powerful and sensitive breaks. She got it under control before any of us got sea sick 😉
Here is Rachel in front of the huge car (V8, 5.7L).

On our way to the Beer Fest we found an old German Fire engine from Kaisersberg used as advertisement for Beer.

And here is our crew on the way to the beer fest.

With the entrance fee you got a glass and vouchers for 10 beer samples. I guess there must be around 500 different beers from around the world here, they even had Coopers!

After we sampled a couple of beers, I started to hear some familiar sounds; there was a marching band in Bavarian outfit playing some well-known drinking songs.

The Beer Fest closed at 10PM, have a look at the daylight J

We went to the car but first Lutz needed some Cigarettes. They were available at the pub opposite of the Beer Fest. The pub is called the Howling Dog and is some sort of icon in Fairbanks. Since it was not dark, it couldn’t be time to go home yet, right? So in we went finding live music and … Volleyball.

At the bar all sorts of different things were hanging around, hats and numberplates …. 🙂

A bit further down was a live band playing while outside a volleyball game was going on. It must have been around midnight when the photo on the right was taken.

We left around 2AM and it was still not dark 😀

Let’s ignore the next morning… the afternoon was great. Rachel and some others bought food to make tortillas. Everybody did a bit and a great meal for the whole group was prepared in no time. And it tasted great!

Tomorrow we will leave Fairbanks and ride to a hot spring nearby.

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