But wait, there is a hot spring

Date: 15/07
City: Chena Hot Springs, Alaska
Kilometres ridden: 105
Cumulative kilometre: 52937
Street: One lane highway
Weather: Sunny, warm

We packed our bikes, had breakfast and took a couple of pictures of Sven’s Basecamp Hostel, our home for the last couple of days.

When we said good by, Sven just disassembled his IPhone to put a new screen in. I would be interested to see if he got it assembled again, after seeing all the tiny screws and connectors that he had to undo….

After saying good bye we were on a mission, we went to the northern most Irish pub in the Americas; the Big I.

Me visiting the Big-I from the street 🙂

Now we have seen both southern most (Ushuaia) and northern most (Fairbanks) Irish pubs. We continued for an hour before we arrived at the Chena Hot Spring. First we booked an entrance pass for the ice museum, on the way I saw a brown bear…

Then we marched to the ice museum. At this outside temperature it was hard to imagine that we could freeze, but we took our Gerbings Jacket and Gloves, which was a good decision. Here is the building from the outside.

And here is the inside. Everything is made of ice, even the chandelier.

There were three different bed rooms to visit, each with a different theme.

Outside of the bed rooms there were some ice sculptures. Below are two pictures of a rose in an ice ball, on the left with flash and on the right without.

Below is a knight fight, pictures taken from two different sides.

Have a closer look where the right knight got hit by the lance of his opponent.

Below you can see chandeliers and a tiger with a skull.

And there was the fire place, hand when you got cold hand ;-).

And the ice bar where you could purchase a drink in a hand carved glass. We didn’t want to try it, but then.. the bar tender was freezing.

I tried to get a good picture of the chirstmas tree, but none of those really showed it properly.You could either see the tree with the different colurs or us.

After all that freezing, we got changed and hopped into the hot spring, finally warm again.

Tomorrow we will start to make our way to Anchorage, the largest town in Alaska.

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