Icefields Parkway

Date: 26/06
City: Honeymoon Campground, Canada
Kilometres ridden: 237
Cumulative kilometre: 48170
Street: One lane highway
Weather: Sunny, warm, drizzle

We left in the morning with the idea to take a secondary road to get to Lake Louise. When we arrived at the turnoff we saw a sign: “closed due to flooding”
Hmpf. So we decided to stay on Highway 1. It didn’t took us long to arrive at Lake Louise. What a view!

After a short stroll we continued on the Icefields Parkway, here are just a couple of pictures from different viewpoints.

Below you can see the road that we came on.

Along the way we met a fellow motorcycle rider who was working as a tour guide. He recommended that we have a look at the Athabasca Glacier which we did. Below you have a view from the road onto the Glacier.

There was a possibility to ride close to the Galicier and walk to the shoulder. The next picture is from the car park close to the Glacier. The black dots are people walking to the shoulder.

And here we are, on our way to the shoulder.

The access to the shoulder was closed off. The water under the glacier creates cavities and people can just disapear in them, so that was close enough for us.

On our way we noticed the markers with years on them. They showed where the shoulder of the Galicier was in that year, on the left picture is the marker from 1992. Looking back from here, the marker for 1914 was close to the foot of the other mountain.

It started to get late and when we passed the Honeymoon Campground, so we decided stop here. The view onto the lake was just great.


Date: 27/06
City: Prince George, Canada
Kilometres ridden: 427
Cumulative kilometre: 48597
Street: One lane highway
Weather: Sunny, warm

Today we were aiming for Prince George. The landscape was again stunning, so we stopped very often to take pictures, below are just a couple of them. There was no hurry, since the sun didn’t start to set before 11PM.

And then we saw the Athabasca Falls, so we had to have a look at them as well. Once more, the view was great, but it was not possible to get one picture of the whole fall.

We contined to Mt. Robson which is the highest point in the Canadian Rockies. Well, he was hiding behind the clouds a bit, but you can get the idea of how large he is.

In the parking lot we met a group of four guys and a girl on bikes. We started to chat and they told us that they are part of a rapid response unit. These are the people which are flown in by helicoter to fight wild fires, we were impressed!

We continued, and later on had a short break at a river. Sigrid couldn’t resist, she had to dip here feet into the ice-cold water. Well, I volunteered to take the pictures, somebody has to do it, we can’t just both go and freeze our toes off 😛

When we left the parking lot we saw a new sign, I thought it looked cute.

We arrived in Prince George and had to take a picture of Mr. P. G. 😀

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