Alaska we are coming!

Date: 28/06
City: Smithers, Canada
Kilometres ridden: 371
Cumulative kilometre: 48968
Street: One lane highway
Weather: Cloudy, warm, drizzling

Not much happening today, there was more nice landscape and we were lucky and just avoided the heavy rain. We could see it coming in, but we arrived in Smithers without getting wet. We had looked up Wombat’s and Val’s blog and stayed in the same Fireweed hotel they did.

Date: 29/06
City: Dease Lake, Canada
Kilometres ridden: 599
Cumulative kilometre: 49567
Street: One lane highway
Weather: Sunny, warm, Cloudy, raining

Today we would start to travel Highway 37. It was not clear where we could find accommodation and how far the petrol stops are apart, so we stopped at New Hazelton to get some more information. It looked easy, there should be enough accommodation and fuel stops around.

The tourist office suggested that we have a look at Kitwanga, a small Indian reserve that has an exhibition of totem poles.

The landscape was great, I realy could get used to traveling through this area 😀

We arrived in Dease Lake and found some nice accommodation.

Date: 30/06
City: Upper Liard, Canada
Kilometres ridden: 246
Cumulative kilometre: 49813
Street: One lane highway
Weather: Sunny, warm

We started a bit later since we only had 250km to go. Tomorrow is the 1st July where the 146th Canada day is celebrated, so we bought some flags to put them onto our bikes.

We left British Columbia and entered the Yukon today. The landscape was still awesome.

On our way to Dawson Creek we found some nice accomodation, the only disadvantage was that the wifi connection was a bit weak, so Sigrid had to get close to the main house to get connection.

It was the first time that we made contact with the famous Alaskan mosquitos, so Sigrid was not sitting there for very long 😉

Date: 01/07
City: Whitehorse, Canada
Kilometres ridden: 427
Cumulative kilometre: 50240
Street: One lane highway
Weather: Sunny, warm /cloudy, rain, cold

Around 4 AM the mosquitos lined up for breakfast in our room. We couldn’t find where they were coming from, but for every killed mosquito there were at least two new ones, so we left relatively early. Our first break was in Teslin, a road house with a petrol station, where we made lots of new friends.

On the way to Whitehorse it started to rain, so we were really happy when we found a motel with an underground car park.

Date: 02/07
City: Takhini Hot Springs, Canada
Kilometres ridden: 32
Cumulative kilometre: 50272
Street: One lane highway
Weather: Sunny, warm /cloudy, rain, cold

Today we planned to have an easy day and go to the hot springs close by and camp there. We sensibly pitched the tent first and then went to the hot spring.

Darn! There was a power outage, effectively closing down the hot spring. Bummer! Sigrid was not happy…While we talked to the manager we found out that he moved from Berlin to Canada only a couple of years earlier, so we had plenty to talk about and before we noticed the time pass… the power was back on! Yeah! It was so nice and relaxing in the hot spring that I forgot to take pictures :D. Tomorrow we will leave Canada and enter Alaska, the last state on our list!



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  1. Dear Friends, were are you? how are you? absolutely amazing adventure you have right now. Our thoughts are with you and we are happy that you are enjoying the trip of everyone’s dreams.


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