Birthday Break

Date: 27/11
City: Bacalar, Mexico
Kilometres ridden:
Cumulative kilometre: 27136

Not much happened today; I wrote some posts and talked a lot to Rick and Kathy. They are snow birds from Canada which travel during the winter in their campervan through Mexico. This year they are going to stay for a couple of month in Bacalar. Just have a look at the pictures below and you can imagine how horrible that must be.

It looks like everybody is chilled out; the hammock was in high demand.

We got a very good tip from Rick and Kathy for Belize, so we will adjust our trip to see another pyramid in Belize, combined with a boat trip through the rain forest. It is great that we can adjust our trip to see places recommended by others.


Date: 28/11
City: Bacalar, Mexico
Kilometres ridden:
Cumulative kilometre: 27136

My birthday J I got woken up nicely (with flowers and a gift)

and I got a happy birthday song from Rick, Kathy, Tom and Simone.

Tom and Simone arrived yesterday evening and we went out to dinner together. Sigrid magically organized a cake for me; it was huge and very tasty. The rest of the day, well, we had a swim and relaxed for the rest of the day. At night we went to dinner with Rick and Kathy to the same restaurant as yesterday. Sigrid mentioned to Daniel (the owner) that today was my birthday and promptly I got a piece of cake with a straw as a candle.

Tomorrow we have to get some things organized to be on our way again, bummer.

Date: 29/11
City: Bacalar, Mexico
Kilometres ridden:
Cumulative kilometre: 27136

After breakfast, we drove to Chetumal to send away a parcel. Well, when we finally found the post office – seems to be a secret place in Mexico –

they told us that we had to go to customs first to get a paper with stamps that identify all items to send. The post officer told us as well that it would be easier and cheaper in Belize. We pulled the plug and drove back to Bacalar. There we purchased an immersion coil for main power – coffee in the morning in accommodation that don’t serve coffee is secured- and had a look at the fortress in Bacalar. It was built to keep the pirates out and to secure the Spanish presence against the Mayas -didn’t work that well…

After such a hard day we had dinner at the main square and organised a massage for usJ. Tomorrow we will leave Mexico and go to Belize.


  1. Hallo Bjoern, hallo Sigi,
    hoffe Ihr habt Weihnachten gut verbracht und ich wünsche Euch einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Weiterhin immer eine gute Fahrt und ausreichend Kraftstoff im Tank.
    Habe den Link von Klaus.
    Viele Grüsse von Thomas

    1. Hi Thomas,
      ist ja toll von Dir zuhoeren. Wir wuenschen Euch auch ein guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und das alle Wuensche in Erfuellung gehen. Wir werden Silvester in Costa Rica am Strand und in der Haengematte verbringen, freu mich schon drauf. Wenn alles gut geht dann fliegen wir naechstes Jahr im August ueber Berlin zuerueck, vielleicht laest sich dann ein Treffen organisieren.
      Bjoern & Sigrid

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