Our last ruin in Mexico

Date: 25/11
City: Xpujil, Mexico
Kilometres ridden: 169
Cumulative kilometre: 27305

We passed Becan and had a look at some accommodation which we would book when we return from the Calakmul ruins. We liked it, so we will come back here. Then we continued to Xpujil, had a short stop on a petrol station where we found a nice Italian coffee shop.

We had a look at a couple of hotels and finally found one that was reasonable. In the hotel there was a cage with two Toucan’s.

We talked to a couple of Mexican’s and they reckon that we need roughly two hours before we are at the ruins, which means an early start tomorrow.

Date: 26/11
City: Becan, Mexico
Kilometres ridden: 352
Cumulative kilometre: 27657

We made it! We got up at 6AM, packed the bikes, started riding at 7AM, 30 min on the highway, 30min on a two lane road into the bio reserve and one hour on a one lane road to the ruins.
Calakmul is spread over a relative large area, so we had to walk through the rainforest for a bit before we got to the ruins.

And here we found a nice pyramid that we could climb.

The view from the middle of the stairs was great, I was looking forward to the view from the top.

The view was worth all that climbing.

When we arrived at the top, we saw that there was a small plaza and another pyramid which got us even higher.

From there we could see another pyramid and this was /even/ higher.

So we decided to climb this as well and then headed back down. I like how the trees grew into the stairs.

The other pyramid looked plainer; there were no quarters at all.

The view from the top looked similar to the other pyramid. On our way down I tried an old Mayan sport, stair body surfing. First I was a bit scared, but as soon I started sliding it was fun 😉 and I arrived save at the bottom, much faster than walking.

On the way back we saw a couple of peacocks and some hard working ants.

We walked back to the bikes and were heading to Bacalar. We met the owner of the hotel, Bob, when we arrived just before 5PM. He has traveled a lot and gave us some tips for Guatemala.




    1. Hi Garth
      Thanks for telling us about it otherwise we would not have visited it. It was the first ruin complex that felt bit like a city, with a plaza surrounded by high buildings.

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