Date: 27/10
City: Guadalajara, Mexico
Kilometres ridden: 63
Cumulative kilometre: 23967

In the morning we were heading to the Tequila Museum and on the way we walked through some small markets.

The Tequila museum was not as good as we thought, I guess we missed a lot of explanation since it was only in Spanish, be we saw some original tools used to produced tequila.

I thought we might get some free samples when Sigrid puts some work in 🙂

And I made sure that not one drop was wasted J

After the museum we went back to the church plaza to have breakfast. The atmosphere was very relaxed and pleasant –check out the movie clip

Then we went back to the hotel, jumped on the bikes and rode 63km to Guadalajara, arrived at our hotel of choice, which was full. Darn! The traffic in the city was pretty slow, stop and go. So we tried another hotel, it was fully booked as well, but they recommended another hotel. There was something quite discrete about it… by the business card it seemed to be a ‘by-the-hour’ hotel. Not sure why they recommended a hotel like that to us 😛

These hotels have a very good reputation in South America, but not so sure in Mexico, so we gave it a miss. At the end we found a nice motel which still had a huge room for good price. They also had a fridge and cooking facilities. The bikes could be parked in a garage during the night too which suited us well.

In the evening we went and had a look at the Cathedral – which was huge!  It looked like there were five different churches within the cathedral.

Then we wandered around the cathedral, the places and buildings reminded me a bit of Berlin.

It looks like Montezuma’s revenge has done good things to our figures; let me know what you think 😀

There were a couple of things that took us by surprise; the first was the animated pedestrian traffic light which started to run when the remaining time got shorter.

The second was electronic price tags in super market and

The last surprise for the day was to find a clothing store company that we know from Germany, C&A.

For us Guadalajara seems to be a cosmopolitan metropolis, as we found out later, it is the seconds biggest city in Mexico.


Date: 28/10
City: Guadalajara, Mexico
Kilometres ridden: 0
Cumulative kilometre: 23967

Nothing much planned, we walked through the historic centre and looked at the local subway system.

We also discovered that they had a car free city centre on Sundays, only bicycles are allowed.

We had a look at more churches and museums.

Looked at the preparation for a step dance show in the evening,

Looked at some government buildings (avoided visiting the prison),

went over a plaza where they had some masonry craftsman ship exhibition,

looked at plenty of stalls, sat in a cafe and let the life pass by. Then we went home and did our blogs, what a relaxing day.

In the next five days we will try to make it to Porte Angels, a nice beach area, where we will stay for a couple of days.

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