Exceptional hospitality

Date: 3/10
City: High Rolls, New Mexico
Miles ridden: 124
Cumulative miles: 12340

We left our hotel in the morning, no rush since we had an easy day before us. We felt at home as well 🙂

On our way we passed through a remote area and found this sign below. We saw them before, but there was hardly a possibility to stop. So this time we stopped to take a photo…

We arrived at Jeff’s place around 3PM. Jeff welcomed us and introduces us to his wife Judi. Tim was there as well.

We meet Jeff and Tim on a petrol station and after a short talk Jeff invited us to stay with him, so we took him up on it. We were sitting outside and were talking about Jeff’s and Judi’s experience in Mexico, Costa Rica and other parts of Central America. We got really good ideas and tips. When it started to get dark, we moved inside where Judi had prepared dinner for us,

After dinner we were sitting around for a while chatting. Jeff and Tim know each other from army boot camp, which they both attended when they were 17. We picked their brain for our trip, got some advice what to do and not to do and where to go in Mexico or what to do in Alaska. It was really great for us, since they painted Mexico in bright colours. Tim traveled through Mexico with the same amount of Spanish as we haveand a phrase book. That really gave us hope. 🙂 After a couple of beers and wine (Yellowtail!) we solved the world’s problems and then went to bed. It was a very nice room and we slept well. We really felt very welcome here and we enjoyed our stay. Unfortunately we have to leave tomorrow because we already booked maintenance for the bikes.

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