Aliens or no Aliens, our Visit to Roswell

Date: 1/10
City: Roswell, New Mexico
Miles ridden: 244
Cumulative miles: 12208

We had a nice breakfast in our hotel. The breakfast room looked great, something different from all other hotels.

We made a small detour and drove along the scenic loop out of Los Alamos.

Leaving the area of Los Alamos brought us to plains, flat and nothing to see up to the horizon. We were riding a short while on the old route 66, so we stopped at Clines and filled our bikes up. We met a fellow bike rider, Jeff. We had a brief chat and he invited us to stay at his house. It was 100 miles out of Roswell, so we would visit him when we leave Roswell. These remote roadhouses on the crossing of two main roads mostly have nice meals, this one was no exception. After our lunch, we took some pictures and went to our bike.

When I took off Sigrid dropped her bike, we both are not sure why. Two Harley rider came to aid, but when they arrived, the bike was up again (Embarrassment gives you strenght! ;)). Anyway, no harm done, rider and bike are ok.

We arrived in Roswell around 16:00 and had a lazy afternoon. We haven’t seen any Aliens so far, they all look all normal 😉

Date: 2/10
City: Roswell, New Mexico
Miles ridden: 8
Cumulative miles: 12216


Today is the day. Our mission for today is to find out if  in 1947 Aliens were captured here or not. 1947, hmm, I remember the headlines a bit ;). So we went to the most trusted source – the UFO Museum/Research centre. When we arrived, we put a pin of our hometown into a world map. These pins get removed at the end of the month. Since it was the 2nd October, hardly any pins where in. Looking at Australia, there were pins in Perth and Melbourne, and I could see holes in the most remote towns in Australia. Someone must have come from a farm in wup wup. To be honest, I was surprised about the amount research that has been done for this exhibition, in particular about the events following  14 June 1947. The exhibition showed a timeline with pictures, comments and official statements to show what happened. In the end, everybody has to make up their own mind about it, so no definitive outcome. Well, until we came around the corner. There they were. Aliens, just landed in the museum 🙂

I asked if I could get a picture with them, they were happy to oblige 😀

After this revelation, we went to a shop around the corner that sold T Shirts and souvenirs, to have a coffee. And guess what, there were even more

When we saw an entry that was marked as Area 51 we had to have look.

So as usual, we got abducted; the Aliens took us into their space ship. At the beginning, Sigrid had a bit of a problem with the weightlessness,

But she got used to it after a while. We were amazed how similar their daily routine and their accessories are to ours. After work they wedge out as we do, and they were very hospitable, as you can see. One did actually a BBQ for us… But there was no beer in the cooler, they take it drunk flying very seriously around here.

After a while Sigrid was asking if they could do something about her grey hair. They said they don’t have hair but they could give it a try. So they examined Sigrid and then they tried.

Having said that, something went wrong there. When he pulled the leaver the space ship crashed. Luckily, the pilot managed to minimise the damage, so nobody was hurt during the crash 🙂

So we all got out, and the Capitan went off to call a tow ship.

After all that, we said good bye and went to a pub for a beer. Guess what…….

So is there any question if there are Aliens around ?…… 😀

What a day, we really enjoyed it. Tomorrow we will visit Jeff and then heading towards Phoenix.

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