Devils Tower

Date: 08/09
City: Gillette, Wyoming
Miles ridden:204
Cumulative miles: 12752

We packed the bikes and off we went, trying to use as many back roads as we could. On the way to Spearfish we came along a beautiful gorge with nice curves and a river running parallel to the road.

We stopped at a water fall, but there was not too much water, it must be too late in the season.

In the afternoon we arrived at Devils Tower, a stone formation which became famous in the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

And here is my attempt to get arty with our bikes.

While I was taking the pictures of our companions,

We saw somebody climbing up the mountain (on the left picture, the blue dot close to the left top corner), it must be a nice few from the top – Simon or Garth, any interest? 😛 [Edit: Simon says yes!]

We walked around the base.

On the next picture, can you find Sigrid crocs? J

And there were more rock climbers on the other side of the tower, not sure if the eagle was waiting for them?

Then we hopped back onto the bikes and left the park. On the way out, I saw some prairie dogs and here are some pictures of it J

We arrived in Gillette and had an early night. Tomorrow we will ride to Cody, just in front of Yellowstone National Park.

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  1. Hi Bjoern & Zigrid! I have been enjoying your blog, only reading it occasionally, and then spending an hour or so catching up!
    Devils tower – I have some friends that climb there, and they say that it is wonderful (if you like doing the same move over & over). Maybe we will visit it next year!
    Bjoern, I have a job with Topcon Precision Agriculture in Mawson Lakes – it is great; really enjoying it. I got it through Nigel Hall, who is apparently know to you, and now runs an agency. Anyway, you might want to look at it when you get back – they (Topcon) could do with a engineer with your skills. Happy travels – apparently you are in Mexico already! Better keep reading…

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