Bear Country Wild Life Park

Date: 07/09
City: Rapid City, Montana
Miles ridden: 30
Cumulative miles: 12548

Val was better today, so we planned to see the Bear Country, a wild life park with the advertisement ‘Your car is your safety cage’. We called before we went to ensure that there is a way for us motorcyclist to visit the park, and there was, in the form of a courtesy car. When we arrived we saw some nice wood carvings at the cashier.

So we left our bikes at the car park and got into the courtesy  car. First we went through the dear enclosure.

Then we had a look at the wolves, but most of them were sleeping.

Then through the reindeer enclosure

And then we entered the bear enclosure. Two bears were patrolling the entry, but they couldn’t leave due to the grid on the ground. It looked like they had their eye on the young goats in the neighbouring enclosure.

In the enclosure there were plenty of bears roaming around and we were quite happy to be in a car with closed windows.

When we were at the end of the enclosure, some bears started to run towards the exit. After looking around we saw that a service car with food approached the gate. So we decided to drive around a second time. This time we saw some more animals in other enclosures, which were sleeping before. Now they got up for lunch 🙂
So we got a better look at the mountain goats,

Mountain sheep

And then there were bears again, this time munching on their lunch (looked like huge dog food pallets).

When we left the enclosure we saw a Bison family on the side of the road. They are huge and I would not like to run into the bull with a motor cycle. Come to think of it, I’d not like to run into it with any vehicle at all.

After the second round we had enough, so we parked the courtesy car and walked to the baby zoo and the souvenir shop – no, we don’t have room on our bikes and customs don’t allow importing wood or fur products anyway 😉

In the shop we found a grizzly bear that lived in the park a couple of years ago, have a look at the size

After the shop we had a look at the enclosures with the young animals. On the way we found more nice wood carvings.

In the enclosure there were Badgers

Wolves, Lynx’s

and of course baby black bears

and a Grizzly bear (not sure if this was a young one as well).

We spend nearly the whole day in the wild life park, so in the end we were a bit tired and hungry. On our way back we had a stop at the ‘Berlin Wall’ exhibits which have the biggest bit of the Berlin Wall in the USA.

When we came back to the hotel, we realized that there is no happy hour on Fridays. Bummer! Today was the only day where we were at the bar on time. Ok, so we used the time for planning our trip to the Yellowstone national park and booked accommodation in Gillette for the next day.

It will be a shorter day with a detour past Devils Tower 🙂

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