Ainsworth Hot Springs

Date: 26/08
City: Nakusp, BC
Miles ridden:
Cumulative miles: 10902

We took our time to talk and farewelled most of the people that we met during the last three days.

We said goodbye to the Berlin couple, the couple from East Canada, Alex and Andrea from Rumania, Randall and Dawn, a couple that Wombat and Val met on the Alaska ferry and to the Duvals. Below are a picture of Randall and Dawn and the Duvals with their steed.

We will keep in touch and might see some of them on our trip to South America

Then we packed up and went to a laundry, washed our clothes,

filled the bikes up and went shopping. Then we returned and settled again in the Riders Retreat Campground. I started to update the blog but didn’t finish it. At night we had a nice bonfire, roasted some marshmallows and Wombat cooked some popcorn over the bonfire.


Date: 27/08
City: Fletcher Falls, BC
Miles ridden: 119
Cumulative miles: 11016

Before we left we took a couple of pictures of the tent and the area around.

We took as well a picture of the kitchen and our host.


Riding through Canada is great, the landscape is stunning and the roads are nice and windy. Our first stop was on a coffee shop with a view onto a glacier.


From here on we were riding to Fletcher Falls and the road followed the river. At one view point we stopped and took a couple of pictures.

When we arrived in Fletcher Falls, we had a look at the oldest paddle steamer wheeler of its kind. It was built around 1900 and was nicely restored.

In the information office we asked about accommodation. We found a B&B that was reasonable priced and not too far away so we booked it. When we arrived CJ (our host) showed us the rooms and the rest of the house. We had a short lunch, peanut butter sandwiches prepared by Val in the morning.

It was so nice to sit outside that we hardly wanted to move. Finally by around 16:30 we went to the Ainsworth Hot Springs. They are hot spring coming out of a cave with a water temperature around 40 C.

On the side was a small pond with crystal clear water (11C)

And another big pool with 35C water.

We spend a couple of hours there. In the pool we meet a German couple and started talking. The husband was riding a motorcycle since three years. We talked about what they have seen in Canada and about our trip. After all the cold/hot dips, we got hungry and went to dinner at the restaurant on site.

Food was great and not too pricy. Came home at 22:00 and all went straight to bed.

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