Zion National Park

Day: 56
Date: 28/05
City: Hurricane, Utah
Miles ridden: 88
Cumulative miles:4792

We had breakfast at a Diner that was done up like it had been transported from the 60’s. We picked it since we got 20% off from the hotel we stayed at.

Than we were heading to Zion NP. Riding on the highway there was suddenly a dog in the middle of the road. We all swerved around him, not sure if the car behind us did the same. When we arrived in Zion NP we found ourselves in the middle of a traffic jam. That was really unexpected; we didn’t have a traffic jam since New York and all of the sudden in a National Park?

We waited for a while and when the traffic started to move we realized that the reason for the jam was that we had to pass through a 1.1 mile long tunnel, and the ranger only allowed on direction to travel at the time. We think the reason for that was the RVs as they had to drive in the middle of the tunnel, because the sides of the tunnel were too low. On the other side of the tunnel there were switchbacks with a beautiful views. 😀

Anyway when we arrived at the Information centre, we were searching for motorbike/car park for a while. After we finally found one, we boarded the park bus and hopped off at every possible viewpoint.

At some stage we found the following sign, I don’t think anybody would walk this way anyway 😉

The difference between the Brice Canyon and Zion NP is that in Bryce you walk at the rim, same as the Grand Canyon. In the Zion NP you walk at the bottom of the gorge.

We looked at all view points, the last of which was the ‘Temple of Sinawava’ which has access to the water. Since the weather was quite warm, Sigrid wanted to walk through it.

We walked a bit further while Wombat and Val rested at a shady location, where they were examined by a squirrel that tried to open the zipper of their bag. Then we took the bus down to the Zion lodge, where we had late lunch. After lunch we returned to our bikes and were back onto the road to Hurricane where we booked into a nice hotel. It had Pool, Spa, breakfast and internet connection for only 49US$.

I nearly forgot to mention it, but I dropped my bike in the front of the hotel entrance, not sure why. Sigrid took the picture as proof, and I promise it was the bike that was leaking there!

Las Vegas we are coming!

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