Las Vegas

Day: 57
Date: 29/05
City: Las Vegas, Nevada
Miles ridden: 194
Cumulative miles: 4986


Sigrid went swimming in the morning then we got ready to ride to Las Vegas. Below is the view of our hotel in Hurricane.

After riding across the border to Nevada and passing through nice desert with long, initially stretchy and later on windy, roads, we arrived at the new Hover Dam Bridge. The view from here was breathtaking; Val doesn’t like heights, so she waited for us at the beginning of the bridge. I didn’t know that one side of the bridge is in Nevada and the other in Arizona.

The view from the new bridge onto the dam.

After the bridge walk we road down to the Hoover Dam car par but on the Nevada side it costs 7$ per bike, so we went to the car park on the Arizona side, which was free. For Wombat and Val it was too hot so they continued to Las Vegas. Sigrid was keen to take a guided tour so we waited and only just managed to get into the last tour. We went down to have a look at the turbines and some other infrastructure. It was interesting to talk to the guides, they mentioned that they have never seen the water level as low as it currently is. It looks like you can see the change of weather pattern all over the world.


The four towers are the water intake for the turbines. On the right picture you can see the dam and the new bridge.

These are both overflow channels, they are huge.

After the guided tour we set off to Las Vegas, to the Luxor Hotel, aka “the Pyramid”. We had just booked the accommodation in the morning and when we arrived we were positively surprised, the negative critics in the Tripadvisor nearly prevented us from booking it. After seeing the rooms, we decided to stay for another 2 days. On the way to the room after we parked the bikes we were approached by some guys that sell time shares and they offered us free breakfast and four free tickets to a show and a fifty dollar food voucher. We told them that we have no money but agreed to come and have a look tomorrow, afterall there’s a free breakfast was included 🙂
(We are on a budget after all 😉 ) When we checked in, we meet a guy from Tassi (Tim) who lived in Alaska for several years. We meet him again when we went to the bar, he was there with some work mates. We got his card so we will send him an e-mail to get some more info about Alaska.

Below is the view inside in our hotel/Pyramid.



Day: 58
Date: 30/05
City: Las Vegas, Nevada
Miles ridden: 0
Cumulative miles: 4986

This morning, we went in the to our time share sales pitch. Our sales rep was a nice guy who rides motorcycles himself. He had a little hangover from yesterday and after describing our situation (travelling) he didn’t put much pressure on us at all, so we got out without purchasing anything. We did get a free breakfast and something for lunch, including 2 gift vouchers for 2 shows and two 25$ restaurant vouchers. After such an exhausting morning, we returned to our hotel via another passage:

Slept for a bit and went then for a swim. That is the view of the hotel from one of the five pools.

For dinner we went with Wombat and Val to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate our non timeshare purchase, we ordered 6 tacos and 6 beers for each couple.

After dinner we were walking the Strip. Below is our hotel entrance.

Below are a view onto the hotels Excalibur and New York.


And there is the Bellagio, that has water fountains synchronized with music every 15 min. The girls on the right…well that wasn’t my idea J

The Caesar’s palace, where we got lost.

There was as well that very nice motorbike, hmm just for show.

We arrived at treasure island just after a show so we waited for another 30 min. to see the next one. It was impressive how much effort they put into a free show.

On our way home we found the pub below, I liked the name of it.

Day: 59
Date: 31/05
City: Las Vegas, Nevada
Miles ridden: 23
Cumulative miles: 5009

In the morning we were looking at the internet for a 2nd computer, just in case that our lap top breaks down completely. We meet with Alan in the Harley Cafe for lunch. There were Harleys moving around in the shop, suspended from the ceiling by a moving chain. Allan is a Ulysses club member but living in the USA. He gave us good tips for a trip around Las Vegas and the west coast


We left a bit earlier, went to M&M shop and saw a short 3D M&M movie. Then we bought a small laptop for Sigrid, that we could use as an emergency unit should the big one break. When we came back, we had a swim and discussed our travel plans. Wombat and Val didn’t want to go to L.A. since they would fly home from there, so they wanted to spend more time in some National Parks. Since we did not plan to come back to LA, we decided to split up and meet, at the latest, back in Bellingham.

Dinner at the buffet in an egyptian ambiente. The food was good and plenty, we all were really full, great food and desserts for not much money

Sigrid and I went for another walk to the Bellagio, saw two fountains shows then went home.

On the way home we strolled through one hotel were they had an entire area sculptured with flowers.



  1. Hey, Ihr seid laut Karte wieder unterwegs! Geht es mit den Bikes trotz Björns gebrochener Hand? Oder hast Du einen Seitenwagen für ihn, Sigrid?
    Alles Liebe und viel Spaß von Ria

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