Thursday: Corba to White Cliff

The next morning I started to search for this blog, but couldn’t find it. Finally Sigrid found it just as we were leaving.

We chatted to Simon via MSN, moved some pictures from the camera to the PC and so on. A late start!
On the way we had a break at road house where we met two Ulysses club women who manage the guest house. We also met two riders from Queensland who are riding on a big a loop: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Broken Hill and back…  One of the guys was riding a GPZ1000RX, which I looked at a tiny bit longingly.
When we got to the dirt road to White Cliff it was closed so we had to ride via bitumen.  On the way we talked to the information guy, who reckoned that the road to the NP is accessible. Of course we tried to find somebody at the NP office,  but there was nobody there.

So instead we tried to get to the PJ underground accommodation…  We got lost on a dirt track around a hill.
I head to the property on top, the path is steep and stony and has a huge washout in the middle. Sigrid takes the last corner just a bit too fast and drops the bike on the left side. The Luggage box went flying, the lock was bent but not broken.  At last the tank and luggage  have character!
Luckily Sigrid is dirty but not hurt, she had the knee pads on, but got a bit of a sore spot on her hip. Besides that she was completely fine…  Even posing for a happy snap a bit later!

Finally we got to the PJ.  It was a steep way up, and nobody is home. We knocked and rung the bell, and tried to ring the phone, but nobody answered.

So we go on to the Underground Motel. The ride is a bit easier; the road seems to be sort of graded. When we get there we find that the Motel has a pool and provides a dinner as well.
We went to the top and watch the sunset, the view was really nice but we had no clouds, so the sunset wasn’t spectacular.

We met a retired couple from somewhere close to Coffs Habour. We have dinner together on the same table, and we talk about our plans and their plans. They’re going to the USA and Canada. They’ve been in Canada before and liked Jasper. Apparently it’s not as touristy as Bampf.
After dinner Sigrid and I went out again to look at the stars. They looked great but we couldn’t get a good photo… Sorry folks!

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