Tuesday: Inverell to Pilliga

Managed to get up earlier today!

First things first, we had a good look at the bike chains. Dropped the tension a step back, which gave me a tight spot and the rest was loose…Only one thing for it: We rode back to the workshop to get the opinion of the experts. After some uhm-ing and ar-ing the conclusion was that I would easily make it back to Adelaide with it.
After all that we packed up, so it was a late start afterall!

We skipped the whine chantey but that allowed us to arrive earlier at the hot artesian bath. There was free camping with toilet and tables on the site of the bath, which was a really great setup. We pitched the tent and jumped into the pool, nice and warm, nearly too warm when the sun was shining!

We had a bit of time and both spend some time reading our books.

Close to sunset, locals with their kids came to celebrate an 18th birthday. We cooked our Indian dinner with our cooker; it worked well.  Actually, it worked well after two failed attempts to start the burner, but why be picky?

We went to bed early, but during the night some local kids rocked up and spent some time chatting. They disappeared eventually but then in the morning some guys from the road work had a bath and chatted relatively loud!

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