Friday: Adelaide – Mildura (0-418km)

After preparing for months, we ended up packing everything into the bikes in the morning on day 1.
It took a while since it was the first time that we tried to fit everything into our new hard cases….


40L on each side and 45L for the top box are really great – now we can definitely see the advantage of having two bikes nearly as wide as a car each 😉
Every thing did fit, and we had ½ box empty, just as it was planned.  Around lunchtime we went to the hospital to say farewell to Oma Erni, then at 13:00 we finally started our trip.

The first goal was about 400km to Mildura, which we  just made at sun set.  The last bit was a bit hard on our bum, but we managed. Sigrid did feel a bit better with her new seat, but not 300A$ better, so I won’t change my seat. Maybe a sheep skin or an airhawk will be better…  I guess we’ll have to fine out 🙂


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