The dry run

Well, the time has finally come.  We’re finally we are on our way to the Ulysses club AGM in Newcastle!

We set  it up to be our first dry run for the Pan American Highway trip next year… Exiting!!


We got all of our major equipment, only the electronic gadgets are missing, which will be a task for the next 6 month to sort out.   Technology is changing too fast, so we thought we leave it up the last moment to get the newest features.

Both bikes are mostly setup; we are only missing the wind screens, which seem to be more important than we first thought. It’s hard work to ride the bike when it is windy and we noticed that we couldn’t go faster than 110Km/h when we’re going uphill. (Here’s hoping that the screen will remove a bit of the drag and increase the top speed!)

Other than that, the bike are running smoothly and do what we expect of them. So here begins a short recap of our trip so far.

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