Islamic and Christian fusion

14-16/07/2019: Cordoba
Km travelled today/sum: 172km / 8700 km
Sun shine, 32 degrees, highway

It was a hot day again, but the distance to Cordoba was short. Most of the way we were on country roads leading us through olives fields. When we arrived at our accommodation, there was a cool pool waiting for us 😁

The reason why we were here was the Mezquita, a Mosque-Cathedral. It is viewed as one of the most accomplished monuments of Moorish architecture. From 780 to 1290 it was build and used as a Mosque and after the Reconquista it was converted to a Cathedral. From the outside it looked pretty much like a mosque.

Some colorfull houses in the neighborhood. Clearly visible, the moorish influence.

This is what it looked like when you enter the church.










As we walked through the cathedral, we found this window in the ground;








It showed some remains of the church the mosque was built on.

After the mosque was converted into a cathedral, some parts were opened up and completely changed. Here you can see the part which was rebuild/converted into a cathedral.

We also noticed that the part converted to a church was much warmer than the rest of the building.

We are not completely sure what we are doing next. One possibility would be to have a look at Mallorca, visiting an old school friend of mine. Looking at the weather and the time we have, it will be most likely that we ll do that!

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