Goodbye Morocco

06-08/07/2019: Tangier Med
Km travelled today/sum: 269km / 8227km
Sun shine, 23 degrees, highway

This time we used the highway to quickly get to Tangier-Med, the port-city out of the country. We arrived in the early afternoon at our accommodation.

We booked this particular accommodation since it was only about 10 minutes to the ferry terminal as well as being close to a sandy beach. In the afternoon we had a stroll to the beach, which felt really peaceful.

The next day (Saturday), however, there was a festival at the beach with local music, dancing groups and some stalls selling cloth, jewellery etc..

When we arrived at the beach, it was a complete different picture to yesterday. The beach was choc a bloc full. Merchants were pushing their cart through the sand, selling ice cream, soft drinks, water and… Corn?

Sigrid interest was piqued by the corn, so we bough one. For me it looked a bit too well done, but it looked worse then it tasted. I like the natural wrapper J









In our accommodation we met another motor cycle couple, Max and Christina. They are two Italians which were also on their way back. We talked about motorcycle traveling, particular in Africa. Max did travel quite a bit here and it was interesting to listen to his experience.

Tomorrow we will leave Morocco (Africa for beginners) heading back Spain.

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