Finally, Holidays are here!

26-30/05/2019: Albufeira
Km travelled today/sum: 198km / 5053 km
Sun shine, 29 degrees, country road, highway

Our first stop was the ‘Lighthouse of Cabo de São Vicente’ the place where Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean meet.

Oh, and there is this sausage stall which sells “The last bratwurst before America” (Die letzte Bratwurst vor America). We thought we should definitely give it a try.



On our way to the light house we saw a large fortress, so on the way back we stopped to have a look. This fortress was not a standard one, it was just a wall that divided the mainland from the headland. The headland itself was protected by 3 steep cliff sides. Left is the entrance to the fortress, on the right is the gate from the inside.

After we explored most of the building and walked along the cliffs, we hopped on our bikes and drove to our accommodation in Albufeira. We got a room on the top floor and could park our bikes just in front of the stair case. This was our view J







Sigrid couldn’t resist and hopped immediately into the pool.








The next couple of days we relaxed on the pool, tried some different restaurants, walked along the beaches, found some sleeping Snoralex (Poekmon), ate some more creepy crawlers and enjoyed the sunsets.

During our stay it turned out that the aircon was not working and the internet was very slow. The aircon couldn’t be fixed, so we got a fan and a free nights stay, we didn’t complain J. The stay here was over in no time. The next stop will be Seville, where we would like to have a look at the ‘Catedral de Sevilla’. Looking at the temperature, Seville will be 10 degrees hotter than the Algarve!

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