Start with issues

Location: Berlin-Kleinbeeren-Mahlow
KM ridden: 12


This morning we got up a bit later. We started with our gym session first in the room, then in the front garden.

Anne, our coach from EFM Flinders Park arranged a program for us we could follow when on the road.


Additionally we had started a new thing to stay healthy. A “5/2” health plan: 5 day normal eating, 2 days of diet where we eat only 500 cals a day.
Fasting day today! So we had muesli for breakfast…

We got the bike ready for the first outing and started to drive to Klaus.

One Proud Biker

After only a couple of meters a warning light turned on indicating that the back tyre did not have enough pressure. We stopped at the next petrol stations to pump up the tyres. What we didn’t remember was that the tyre pressure in Germany is measured in Bar not PSI so we pumped them up to a nominal value. We quickly noticed a second issue: the GPS wasn’t getting charged by the battery.

When we arrived at Klaus’s house, he was working on his Polo to get it ready for “TÜV”: A mandatory bi-annual vehicle safety inspection. As he was working, Bjoern took a look at the GPS issue. Seemed that the clamps had come loose, so he removed all clamps and soldered the contacts. While he was at is he re-wired the Spot tracker to the battery (The thing that makes our Map go and tells our family we’re okay) and closed the bike up.

In the evening we went back to Freyas and had fish for dinner, finishing off our fasting day.

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