Registering and fixing bikes and a typically Berlin show

Date: 27/3/2019
Location: Berlin
Km ridden: 15

Buerocracy part 3 – the easy part

This morning we were too lazy for exercise. Our excuse was that Klaus picked us up early to drive us to Ludwigsfelde and register Bjoerns bike.

It was surprisingly straight forward this time! Maybe we are getting the hang of this whole German Bureaucracy thing?  Probably not, but we were done in less than an hour, leaving enough time to go shopping!

That meant that Sigrid scored a new motorcycle jacket and we got some spare parts before heading back to Mahlow for the evening.


Date: 28/3/2019
Location: Berlin
Km ridden: 15

Freya offered to take us along to try out a jumping class. It was great fun and super exhausting. We were so focussed that we forgot to take pictures during the class, but here we are at the gym as proof:



To ensure balance, all this exercise called for a good breakfast which we had at a lovely bakery.

Freya then dropped us off at Klaus. We added the number plate – now with valid TÜV sticker – to Bjorns bike. Now we were ready for a test run, but weren’t sure where to go.  Eventually the test run led us to Gerlind, where we helped her move some stuff before heading to dinner at a nice Indian place nearby.


Km ridden: 15

The morning started with core exercises-back on track 🙂

With the exercise done, Bjoern went to Klaus to do some motorcycle maintenance for our upcoming journey. Sigrid stayed in Mahlow for some household chores. 

Then, during bike maintenance, disaster struck:

While changing the spark plug a plastic bit broke. Bjoern had no time to fix this because he had to be back for an outing we had planned with Freya.
He was not happy at all. After some back and forth, trying all sorts of things, Klaus pulled the proverbial rabbit out of a hat and managed to fix it.

A little stressed Bjoern headed back to Mahlow and managed to get himself cleaned up just in time for us to head out. 

Freya took us out for dinner at the “Villa Rixdorf” fantastic ambiance and great German food.

After a delicious dinner we headed to the “Theater Heimhafen Neuköln”, where we saw a very entertaining show called The Rixdorfer Perlen.

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