Visiting Family in Dubrauke

Date: 11- 13/09/2017
From/To: Przewloka – Dubrauke
Distance: 719 Km
Total Distance: 15871 Km
Weather: Sunny
Road: Paved

During our ride from Andrew to Dubrauke, the GPS started to play up. After 150km it showed roads which didn’t exist and was consistently recalculating. I realise that the scope has changed and the GPS used the world map as back up. So I used the GPS as an direction indicator, which didn’t work so well when going through a major town. At the end we managed and stopped on a ‘Windmill hotel’. The interior was down my alley, in the eating area there were some water basins, with small waterfalls and in the hallway were some tables with china on the ceiling, were the cups had some bulbs in them and were the actually lights.

Two days later we arrived at Marion’s and Pitschl’s place. Marion just has started her REHA for her new knee replacement, but she organized to have a day off. When we arrived, she was just having a training run on the road and was surprised when two motorcycles pulled up close to her. Here is the first picture with Pitschl, Sigrid, Rico and Marion.

Not long after, Anke arrived with here daugther Tara-Marie.

Marion and Pitschel had organized dinner for us, so we had dinner together before we continued to talk. By this time, Katia was waking up, she had night shift and was sleeping all day. I hope we didn’t disturbe her sleep too much. Here is a picture of them both with Sigrid.

And here is the youngest member of the Förster family and we convinced Anke’s Sohn to sit on the bike.

And here is a group picutre with everbody who was visiting this day.

We were talking for a long time and looked at some pictures from Marions and Pitschls travel. They traveled a lot in Europa and gave us some ideas.

The next morning Marion had to go to her Reha, so we waited with her for the pickup.

After Marion has left, we packed up the bikes and made our way to Prague.

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