Date: 07/08/2017
From/To: Gudvangen – Høyheimsvik
Distance: 127 Km
Total Distance: 9876 Km
Weather: Cold, Drizzling, Cloudy, Sunny
Road: Paved

This time we packed up and started in good weather for a change.

The road wound up a mountain site, unfortunately we got stuck behind an Italian camper van, and the diver was not sure how to drive this thing. On one occasion he just stood in the middle of the road and waited for the oncoming car to do something. This was the time when we overtook him just to stop on the next turnout for a picture where he arrived not long after. So we hurried with the picture and took off again just before him.

A couple of hairpins later, we found a great viewing platform, so in this case we parked the bikes properly and took some nice pictures.

The view was just stunning.

From here we continued, this time we didn’t have a camper van in front. In fact, it felt we are the only ones on this scenic road.

At the end of the scenic road there was a ferry crossing. The weather became again warmer and less cloudy.

So we took the opportunity and had a coffee with nice cake. Unfortunately the earmarked camp ground was full, but the host was really friendly and suggested us another camp ground.

We got a really nice cabine, with a great view onto a waterfall on the opposite side of the lake.

Since the weather forcast was good, we aim toride the ‘Snognefill’ scenic road next.

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