Whale Watching and Puffins

Date: 21/06/2017
From/To: Akureyri – Husavik
Distance: 0 Km
Total Distance: 4381Km
Weather: Cloudy, Sunny, Windy
Road: –

Today we booked a Whale and Puffin watching tour in Husavik. Peter and Gerlind took us in their car. This was very convenient, since we had to start early. Sigrid and I even got to snooze in the back of the car until we arrived in Husavik.

The harbour is picturesque, particular with the moored sailing boats.

The museum has some whale skelettons on display, this makes the real size of these animals tangible.

As usual, we spend too much time in the museum, so we had to hurry to get the whale watching tour. When we boarded, we got some nice red thermos overalls, aren’t we looking great in them?

First we stopped on a small Island, where the Puffins were breading. Well, under Puffin watching I expected to get closer to the birds. It is a small bird in the first place, so taking pictures from the distance made them look like black dots. So below are some shots of the puffins we managed.

At one stage I was lucky that a Puffin did swim closer to the boat, so I got at least one closer shot.

From the Puffin Island we continued to a Whale watching spot. There were multiple boats waiting for a whale to surface.

Below are Gerlinds pictures, she got a couple of nice shots.

And here are my pictures, on the right hand side of the beany you can see a black dot in the water, well that is the tail of a whale. And that was my best shot J

On our way back the sea got a bit rougher, and people in the front got rain coats.

Just before we arrived back, we were fed a hot chocolate with a cinnamon bun. That was really nice.

After we came off the boat, we took a picuture of all surviors J Nobody got really sea sick, phew!.

Even if I didn’t got any good shots of the whale, I enjoyed the boat trip.

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