Visiting Tasmania and Returning Home – The last entry

Date: 17/11 – 26/11/13
City: Ulverstone / Australia
Kilometres ridden: N/A
Cumulative kilometre: 66015
Street: N/A
Weather: Hot, sunny, cloudy

After being in Airplanes for two days, we arrived in Launceston where Hugo and Ali picked us up.

We were a bit tired, so Hugo drove us to his house and we settled in. Have a look at the view from the living room window, doesn’t it look great?

We decided to have a short walk on the beach, just before sunset, here is a picture of the four of us πŸ™‚

Hugo and Ali in working uniform, Ali had to go to work and so did Hugo, at least for a couple of days. That gave us enough time to get over the jetlag.

After two days we were all right and Hugo had time off work. He suggested that we’d have a look at Montezuma Falls, which were not too far from their house. We took the scenic route which included Waratah waterfall, a river crossing on a ferry and passing a dam.


When we arrived at Montezuma Falls carpark, the sun was shining deceptively. We ignored the rumbling we heard from afar and decided to leave our raingear in the car…Big Mistake.

After fifteen minutes of walking heavy clouds were coming in and thirty minutes into our three hour walk, it started to rain. It didn’t stop until we returned to the car. Anyway, it was fun and here are the pictures to proove that we really made it πŸ˜›

On the way back, Hugo tried to stay dry by holding a branch over his head. I guess he has to refine this method a bit.

Next day another excursion took us to Leven Canyon. This time the rain waited until we were back in the car πŸ™‚

In Tasmania they have great Cheese factories. At one factory they had some cows displayed, we couldn’t resist playing with it.

Anyway, the time was flying and we had to leave again, one last breakfast and off we went to the airport.

On our flight from Launcheston to Melbourne we had a beautiful view from our window.

That was our last flight; we arrived back home after twenty month of traveling. The whole family picked us up from the airport. Silas was one month when we left, now he pulled Sigrid’s hand luggage. Things have changed while we were away!

At home we had diner together and talked a lot about our trip. It was nice to be home.

Thanks again to all people who made this trip so special!

That’s it…

…Β for now πŸ™‚

Cheers, Thanks for reading, and go have an adventure!

Bjoern and Sigrid


  1. Hallo Sigrid und Bjoern!
    Schoen, dass Ihr noch dieses Ende fΓΌr den Blog fertig gemacht habt. Ihr hattet wirklich eine tolle Reise, die durch die vielen unterschiedlichen Menschen so richtig interessant wurde. Auch die Tier- und Pflanzenfotos waren wunderschoen. Und nun geniesst es, wieder zu Hause bei der Familie zu sein. Hugs Ria

  2. Hi Sigi and Bjoern ,
    well done and congratulations. Was definitely an experience for you two, but also for everyone who followed your travel-diary.Caused you a lot of work and brought us heaps of pleasure.
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful adventures with us. How good was that!
    Experiences which last a lifetime. I wonder what comes next?
    Big hugs and c-ya soon Alli and Hugo

  3. I just ran across you card and decided to look you guys up to see how you were doing. Glad to see you made it home OK although I noticed the tally of 2 accidents. Hopefully they were minor and all is well. I met you in Bellevue WA in the USA outside an electronics store called VetCo. If I remember right I was riding my red BMW R1200GS. On Jan 1 I had a young driver pull out in front of me and I totaled my bike, broke my wrist and hand. I am still recovering but anxious to get back on my new bike. You looked well in your pictures although I did notice Bjoern in an arm cast in one of them. I hope to do what you guys did someday in my lifetime. Write a book and tell the rest of us how to do it including leaving our jobs and coming back. Let me know when the book comes out πŸ˜‰

    Dave Armour
    Kirkland, WA USA

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