We missed the boat

Date: 24/07 -25/07/2013
City: Whitehorse, Alaska
Kilometres ridden: 533
Cumulative kilometre: 55135
Street: One lane paved, road works
Weather: Cloudy, warm

We had a great night yesterday, I found plenty of Yukon Gold and so we had a late start. The roads were great and we had only a bit of drizzle along the way. In Whitehorse I oiled my chain and found a piece of metal stuck in my tyre. It turned out to be a piece of metal that wasn’t quite long enough to poke a hole into my tube which was lucky.

Date: 25/07
City: Whitehorse, Alaska
Kilometres ridden: 0
Cumulative kilometre: 55135
Street: N/A
Weather: Cloudy, warm, rain

Today we were busy planning the rest of the trip, the ferry from Haines to Bellingham, the visit in Vancouver and the time in Europe and South Africa. When we tried to book the ferry, we found out that there was no vehicle space left, so we booked it a week later. The additional week we’ll use for a couple of days in the Leard Hot springs, Haines and Juneau. Our provisions were running low so we walked to the next supermarket. On the way we found this sculpture, not sure what it was all about, but it looked intriguing.

When we arrive at the supermarked, I had my fight with a shopping trolly. You had to put a dollar in to get it, but that stupid thing didn’t let go of the chain to the previous trolly and was stuborn as well,wanting to take my dollar. So I tried a couple of different trollies, all showed the same symptoms…. Eventually I figured it out, you had to poke the end of the chain back on top of the dollar slot. Great! I love technology J

On our way back, Sigrid mentioned that we had not taken any pictures of the special power points – they are available on all car parks and the cars have the matching plugs hanging out of their bonnet. This is for the winter, when the temperatures go to -40. Then you plug the plug into the power point to keep the engine warm, otherwise people would have a hard time to get the engine started again.

Date: 26/07
City: Whitehorse, Canada
Kilometres ridden: 0
Cumulative kilometre: 55135
Street: N/A
Weather: Cloudy, warm/ rain, cold

It was raining and the weather forecast said heavy rain for Leard River as well. We decided to sit it out and do a bit of maintenance. Can you spot the difference? J

Time for some more planning and updating of the blog.
When it stopped raining later that day we had a look at the tram and the steamboat at the entrance of Whitehorse.

Well, we had a look from the outside – we arrived too late to be able to tour the inside. We toyed with the idea to get the steamboat into the water, maybe we can ship with it to Bellingham? Well, at least I tried.

On our way back we stumbled across some interesting totem poles.

And this is me doing the blog J

Tomorrow we will leave and go to the Leard Hotspring and soak there for two full days.

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