Meeting Dave again

Date: 09/08
City: Seattle, Washington
Kilometres ridden: 67
Cumulative kilometre: 56908
Street: N/A
Weather: Sunny, warm

We meet Dave last year at the horizon unlimited meeting and he mentioned that we should visit him when we pass through Seattle the next time. With that in mind, Sigrid contacted Dave via e-mail and he was happy to see us on the weekend. So the plan for today was getting from the ferry, find a McDonalds, verify via the free internet that the world was still turning and then ride to Dave’s place. This went through my head when I looked out of the cabin window early in the morning and noticed a beautiful sunrise. It’s not very often that I’m up so early, so I had to take some pictures.

Not long after we arrived in Bellingham which was covered in fog. It looked like an acient mystic city.

From the ferry we rode torwards Dave’s home, with a short stop a McDonalds, just to see what the world was doing in the last three days. We had no internet conectivity on the ferry, so we had IWS (Internet Withdraw Symptons). Oh and finally we’ve got some response to our add in Craigslist, so our internet session took a bit longer then we thought. After setting off again we found an intersting street sign 🙂

When we arrived a bit later Ray, Dave’s son, welcomed us. Not long after, Dave arrived and he showed us around. I must admit, I really like his fully equipped workshop, it is a man’s dream. A shed filled with all the machinery you can think off. His workshop also has a serious side; Dave designed and is selling a rugged toolbox for a 1200GS. While we were talking about our trip, he fixed one of our auxiliary food pegs, which bent too far to the front. Dave was using an Arc welder and I watched curiously, since I have no idea about welding.

The same day Greg arrived. Greg is a fellow motorcycle rider from California who was just passing through. Greg and Dave met on an – interesting – guided Mexico tour. They had a lot of story’s and anecdote to share about this trip. Below is a picture of Greg on the left and Dave on the right.

In the evening we saw a deer with her fawn, just walking in Dave’s garden and eating the plums lying on the ground.

Tomorrow we will visit Vancouver for a couple of days, before we return to the Seattle biker retreat, Ted’s & Gaila’s casa 🙂

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