We Made It!

Date: 04/05
City: Ushuaia, Argentina
Kilometres ridden: 46
Cumulative kilometre: 42600
Street: N/A
Weather: sunny/cold

Today is the day, the last push to get to the end of Ruta 3. We have to ride another 30km on dirt road. To make it easier we left all the side panniers at the hotel but we took the crutches.

The dirt road had nearly the same quality as a paved road, hardly any loose gravel; the only uneasy bit was the wet clay soil, which was slippery. After a short while we arrived at the park entrance.

We didn’t need to pay a park entrance fee, great! I even got a map and an explanation in Spanish why… I’ve still got no idea.
A few more kilometres later we arrived at the end of Ruta 3! We really made it J.

We were over the moon. We really made it to this point, against all odds, and when we arrived the sun was shining which is not so common here at this time of the year. We had a stroll to the nearby lake. The landscape with all the different colours looked fantastic.

When we got back onto the bike we saw a fox in the parking lot.

They are not really afraid of humans here, later we saw another one on the road following a bush walker. On the way back we rode to the train station of the End of the World Train. In its initiation this train was used to transport convicts and fell into neglect after the closure of the prison. In the early 1990’s it was converted to a tourist attraction.


The next train would leave in thirty minutes, so we decided to stick around and take a train ride.

We had a short stop at a waterfall, where Sigrid kept sitting in the train and I walked up the track.

The view from the waterfall platform was fantastic.

We continued our ride to the final station in the national park and then returned. It was an awesome way to travel, really relaxing and with enough time to reflect on the day. After the train ride we returned to the city. We had a look at some souvenir shops

Sigrid posed as a fishermanJ. And since I did it, but didn’t have the t-shirt. I got one 😀

What a day, so we decided to celebrate our achievement with a dinner in the world’s southernmost Irish pubJ, the Dublin in Ushuaia.

Apparently they have some nice self-brewed beer, so we had to sample it. I prefer the negro, where Sigrid prefers the rocho. Well we enjoyed the night.

And when we left I stumbled over R2-D2 J

What a day. Now we can go only north, so our next destiny will be back to the mainland and then to El Calafate, the town closest to the Glacier Perito Moreno.



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