Lake Titicaca

Date: 12/03
City: Puno, Peru
Kilometres ridden: 388
Cumulative kilometre: 36473
Street: Windy
Weather: rainy/cloudy/fresh

We got up early, finished packing the bikes and left.

Today we planned to ride 400km which is easy if the road is a two lane highway, but if we get mountain roads with trucks and busses, it would take us eight hours of riding. We were lucky; the road was in good condition with hardly any windy mountain parts. During our ride we found the following sign.

Using Google translate showed that this is an advertisement to grow guineapigs. 🙂

We managed to be in Puno around 1 PM but it took us two hours to find a hotel where we could safely park our bikes. Finally we found one where we parked our bikes in the owner’s sort of living/storage room. We had to remove the panniers to fit through the door, but that was done in no time J

Sigrid quickly organized a Lake Titicaca tour at 4PM, so we had thirty minutes before the bus picked us up. The bus dropped us off at the harbour where we climbed into a boat and twenty minutes later we arrived at the first reed island.

When we arrived four women dressed in their traditional clothing were singing a welcome song J

After we all departed from the boat the locals and our guide showed us how the island are built and how people are living here. The tour enabled us to have a look into the inside of the houses and how they were cooking without catching the whole island on fire….

As we found out, they eat coy as well.

We walked around the small island and took a couple of pictures.

Then we got offered a reed boat tour around the island.

During this time we enjoyed the nice sunset.


After the sunset the boat took us past the main island where some of our fellow travellers departed for an overnight stay back to the harbour. A taxi bus brought us back to the hotel. What a day. 🙂
Tomorrow we will try to get as close to the Peru/Chilean border as possible. Currently we are not sure if we’ll hit a 300km dirt road as shown on our South American map …. We’ll see.

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