Galapagos Island’s day 7

Date: 13/02
City: Galapagos Island, Ecuador
Kilometres ridden: 0
Cumulative kilometre: 33130

We anchored in a bay which was protected from the wind and the waves, the weather was warm, so Sigrid went for a swim in the morning around the boat. The boat got cleaned by a school of fish as soon we anchored. The water was so clean that we could see the fish nibbling on the boat from the deck.

After breakfast we were landing on Santa Fe Beach to see big trunk cacti’s and land iguanas. We saw plenty of the iguanas particular to this island; I couldn’t take enough pictures of them. Below is just a couple of the pictures taken.

Here you can see an iguana eating stones to support his digestive system.

We also met a fire lizard, who was really posing for us.

Here are now pictures of some big trunk cacti. Apparently they lose their thorns at the bottom of the trunk for the lack of predators on this island.


After we finished our walk we went back to the beach where a colony of sea lion was located.

So we enjoyed their attics and took pictures of them. Fabien, our tour guide, tried to contact the boat via the walkie talkie, as he has done a couple of times before. This time nobody was responding. So after some time he decided to swim back to the boat.

When he was half way there the boat crew realised that something was wrong and came with to pick us and Fabien up with a zodiac. On our way back, the engine of one zodiac stopped working. After trying to paddle -below are our two heros, Sean and Will who tried it –

we decided to get towed by the second zodiac.

After these little incidents we went back to the boat and from there to our last snorkelling excursion. Again, no pictures from me but Fabien did take some pictures during our snorkel excursion and hinted that we could have his footage, which would be great. When we came back from snorkelling we had lunch which was delicious, as usual.

During this time the boat moved to the next place, the South Plaza where we were looking for Land Iguanas, hybrid Iguanas and sea lion colonies.

I liked the colour of the island

We also took a picture of the whole bunch.

At dinner time we had a cocktail and Fabien gave a CD to each of us with pictures and movies of all the activities during the last seven days. That was really great, particularly the footage from the snorkelling excursion. Tomorrow morning is a real early start for our last activity, driving with the zodiac through mangroves.

We hope to see white tip sharks, tortoises and some sort of rays.

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