Galapagos Island’s day 4

Date: 10/02
City: Galapagos Island, Ecuador
Kilometres ridden: 0
Cumulative kilometre: 33130

After breakfast we went for an excursion to Floreana Island at Punta Cormorant. We walked to a nice beach where the turtles had dug their nests. Some of them were cruising in front of the sandy beach and were waiting until it got dark to start digging their nest. We also saw a couple of rays just in front of us.

To be honest I can’t remember the name of the bird in the photo, but it looked colourful 🙂

After two hours we went back to the boat and went snorkelling at the Devil’s crown. During this snorkelling we saw nice colourful fish. Then we had lunch, our well needed break, and eventually went to the Post Office Bay where we would have a look at another lava tube. The barrel was used to put your mail in (without stamps) and whoever passed by had a look at the destination and if it is his/her country/town, then they took the mail and delivered it.  🙂

While we were having a look at the mail, it started to rain.

The way to the lava tubes was now wet sticky soil, which stuck to our shoes extremely well…. It made the way down to the tubes very slippery, some tried it bare footed.

At the end of the lava tube there was some water, it was freezing cold but we had to try it.

On our way back it was still raining and Caroline, having come from London, had an umbrella with her 🙂

Back at the boat all our clothes and the contents of our backpack was drenched, hopefully the rain stops tomorrow.



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