Date: 27/12
City: Granada, Nicaragua
Kilometres ridden: 162
Cumulative kilometre: 29145

In the morning we packed the bikes before we had breakfast. We met Kathy again and had breakfast together. Rick was walking in the hills and joined us later. During our breakfast it started to rain, so we decided to take it easy and see if the rain would stop.

After the rain stopped, we took a couple of pictures and took off.

After an uneventful ride we arrived in Granada and tried to find the accomodation that we had selected in trip advisor. After riding back and forth, one person finally told us that we are in the wrong suburb and that we had to get out of the city again to get to the hotel. Finally we found it. It took us an hour! To put it in perspective, it was very hot, slow traffic in the city and then stopping, talking to people and starting again. It was tiring. I think all hotels should have their GPS position published, instead of the street address, since there are hardly any street signs in Central America. So we arrived at the hotel, hot and thirsty. The room was great, the pool was broken (the water was more green then blue) and the bar was closed, no beer available, bummer (Below the pool you can’t swim in and the bar without beer 😛

To fair, our room had a kitchen so we could cook for ourselves and Sigrid made a great breakfast in the morning.

Date: 28/12
City: Granada, Nicaragua
Kilometres ridden: 0
Cumulative kilometre: 28983

Today was a day of sightseeing. We had a look at the cathedral on the main square, they were asking for an entrance fee, so we decided just to take some pictures from the outside.

Then we walk through pedestrian zone to the lake. There were plenty of restaurants, caffees, accommodation and colourfull houses around here.

The last bit of the road was still in the process of being paved, so the kids had a ball with the sand and the gravel.

In the end we arrived at the lake. On our way to the boat launching place we came across the entry to the lake. It seems that you normally have to pay if you like to get closer, but in our case the guys had lunch, so we didn’t have to pay!

After a nice walk we booked a boat tour and had a look at some nice islands. One island had some monkeys on it, some other had some big villas, including a big yacht and a heliport, and some were just nature.

That was a very nice day; tomorrow we will try to cross the Nicaragua/Costa Rica border.


  1. Granada? Yeah! Happy new year, S&B!! Huggles from A&A – 43 degrees in Sydney city atm, phew! Yes, it is 19:30pm here!

  2. Dear Friends, happy new year from Romaniuk’s family! we are watching Dakar race and thinking of you! xxxx

  3. You have certainly been clocking up the kilometers now! Your check in emails are a bonus.
    BM – surely everything is better than ‘nice’?!

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