Spare parts

Date: 02/12
City: San Ignacio, Belize
Kilometres ridden: 190
Cumulative kilometre: 27417

We packed the bikes and took some pictures of the hotel and the plants in Orangewalk before we left.

We arrived in San Ignacio without any problems and after asking around even found Rosa’s hotel easy enough. While parking our bikes, two guys approached us – Stan and Ron – they are on their way to Ushuaia as well, so we agreed to meet at the square later on.
After we settled in our room, we had a look at the festivity in the main square. The festivity was called ‘The taste of Belize’ and there plenty of stalls and some performances. So we watched the performances and had something to eat – Not sure what it was, so we took a picture of the sign…
At night we watched the “lighting of the Christmas tree” ceremony performed by the major of the town. A bit later we met the winner of the “Best BBQ griller 2012 ” in Belize and then Stan and Ron again.

Somehow we missed taking a picture of Stan and Ron, but we talked a lot! Stan recently had an accident, about two month ago, sombody t-boned him. Unfortunatelly he didn’t have gloves on and his finger tips tell the story. After a couple of beers and swapping email and blog addresses we departed, maybe we see each other on the road.


Date: 03/12 – 5/12
City: San Ignacio, Belize
Kilometres ridden: 0
Cumulative kilometre: 27417

In the morning we sent off a parcel to Australia in the post office next door to the hostel. There we ask for our parcel with the spare parts, and it had arrived! Yay!!
We picked it up in the afternoon and the son of our host Rosa volunteered to introduce us a good mechanic with a workshop tomorrow.

The next day, Frank, Rosa’s son showed us the way to Gabi, a top mechanic living in San Elena. San Elena is only separated from San Ignacio by a river.

When we arrived we showed him what we would like to get done and Gabi started on the job immediately. He just moved from a rented property to his house. He is currently building some rooms and a small restaurant, so people can either stay there or have a coffee and something to eat while he fixes the bikes. Currently it’s all still a bit temporarily until the building is finished.

The first bike took a bit longer then he thought, but the second bike was done in no time.

The next day we planned our trip until we leave Panama. So it looks like at Christmas we’ll be in Nicaragua and New Year’s Eve in Costa Rica. We also read some travel advice for the countries that we will travel through, so we will try to avoid Guatemala City if possible. After looking at the new plan, we don’t do as much mileage as expected, so the tyres should last until Panama.

Tomorrow we leave Belize and enter Guatemala to visit Tikal, the ‘New York’ of the Maya’s.

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