The way to Acapulco

Date: 31/10
City: Playa Azul , Mexico
Kilometres ridden: 312
Cumulative kilometre: 24453

Our room was nice but had only some small windows, so we slept in a bit. We were ready at 10AM.

After getting out of the city we got onto a nice two-lane road. Closer to the cost the road turned into a one lane windy road, great fun to ride. Unfortunately there are not many places to pull over and take pictures of the great scenery.

After an hour we stopped at a petrol station and had some breakfast/lunch.

The next bit of road was great, windy with trees around, everything looked lush and green. From time to time we saw the beach, we really enjoyed the ride.

Around 4PM we looked for accommodation, and we found something nice in Playa Azul, with a pool. This time I had to pass the reception to park the bikes in front of our room.

I had another look at the chain, this time with a wrench and moved every link and oiled it until it could be moved reasonable easy. Sigrid organized food then we had a swim and dinner. We didn’t do as much distance as we thought because of the windy road. We will have to start a bit earlier tomorrow and stop just short of Acapulco.

Date: 1/11
City: Acapulco , Mexico
Kilometres ridden: 355
Cumulative kilometre: 24808

We packed up and left, getting out was easier than I thought. We drove for 20 minutes when we saw a Walmart. So we stopped in the hope to get some chain oil and some other stuff. On the car park we met two other motorcycle riders, Chris from Alaska and Brook from Canada. Chris is on his way to Ushuaia; Brook will turn around in Panama. We left the car park after a short chat before the two and around lunch we decided to stop at a restaurant on a cliff, facing the sea.

After ordering our meal Chris and Brook arrived. Sigrid had fish and I ordered…….right, scrambled eggs. To vary it a bit, I ordered it without bacon ( possibly because they didn’t have bacon 😉 ). The meals were freshly prepared on a wood fire stove.

So we exchanged more details, took some pictures, had a nice meal together and then we departed. This time Chris and Brook went first.

We meandered and decided to stop in a city 30km before Acapulco. When we arrived, the town looked terrible, congested and not very pleasant streets, so we decided to keep going afterall. The GPS was suggesting some accommodation in 14km. So we followed the GPS, got stuck in a traffic jam for an hour arrived at the hotel but decided to keep going, as that hotel didn’t look nice either. Then the GPS suggested a hotel 2km further (as the crow flies), and after 20 additional minutes through maniac traffic we arrived at the place where the hotel should be, but there was only a plaza. Todays hunt for a hotel was going great. It was in exactly this moment that a guy came running towards us, offering to show us a hotel. We looked at the hotel, but the rooms looked terrible. As luck would have it, there was another guy who tried to show us a hotel earlier just after the first guy. He had mentioned that the rooms are not nice in this hotel, so we went with him. He ran uphill to show us the hotel. In the end we took his hotel. The advantage of the hotel was that it had a pool.

By the way, we were now in Acapulco. From the top floor we had a view over the whole bay.

After settling in the room we went shopping to gets bits for dinner, had a swim and a shower after that. The shower had two tiled steps down to the bedroom, and Sigrid slipped on one.
Luckily nothing was broken, but the elbow and the wrist were sore, so we put plenty of ice on it. I hope that it doesn’t swell so Sigrid can ride tomorrow. Below, Sigrid with a wing on ice :/

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