Tony’s test ride

Date: 31/07
City: Modesto, California
Miles ridden: 5
Cumulative miles: 9424

In anticipation of Friday (where we’re hoping for an all clear from the doctor), we asked Tony if he could have a test ride with my fixed bike. Chris did a marvelous job of restoring the bike and fitting all the bits and pieces onto the handle bar, fitting the new pannier and the new windscreen.

Tony took off and was away for quite a bit.

When he came back he said everything looked ok, except the front tyre and the right mirror. The mirror just started to flip around as soon the bike got onto the highway which Chris and I didn’t noticed when the bike was stationary. Tony also noticed that, while riding, when  looking at the front tyre it wobbled both to the side and in height. We ask Chris to check it out and if the rim is ok to put a new front tyre on. Chris just nodded and said it should be ok in 2 days. Hopefully the doc gives us the ok! 😀

The next day we did a bit of sightseeing in Modesto. It was a beautiful day, we can’t really complain about the weather here. It is always around 95F and no clouds in the sky, nice and cool in the morning, getting hot during the afternoon. Somebody mentioned that it would be nice to see the McHenry mansion and the museum, so we hopped onto Sigrids bike and drove to downtown Modesto. We had a look at the arch, which is there since the early 1900s and welcomes the visitors to Modesto. We also found a cinema that had the appearance of the late 50’s

Later we went to the museum .It explained a lot of the Valley history, the water schema and the gold rush, quite interesting. They had a wagon cart as an exhibit as well , which looked like it was out of a western movie. One retired teacher, now working as a guide in the museum, told us that a fire had damaged the McHenry Mansion and it was currently being rebuild. So we had a look and got a private guided tour, unfortunately only of the ground floor, since the 2nd floor was still a work in progress. After the tour we went back to the hotel, since it was afternoon and the swimming pool started to call J

Brice and the two diddles enjoyed themselves climbing on an iron horse in front of the McHenry Mansion.

I guess it was originally used to tether the horses?

The next day we went to the last physio session. Jolene was quite positive about getting the all clear from the doctor, I got excited. After sharing some knowledge with Sigrid on how to torture me, and some really good advice about what to do in the next couple of weeks, we departed. I was excited, tomorrow is the big day. If the doctor gives me the ok then we are going to the Horizon Unlimited meeting in Canada and meet with Val and Wombat again. It not, well, then we have to stay here for a couple of more weeks and miss the meeting.  Time will tell 🙂

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  1. Well, it certainly looks like you & the bike are on the mend. Good to hear all the ordered gear turned up! Goodluck with getting Canada.

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