McMinneville to Umatilla

Date: 15/08
City: McMinnville, Oregon
Miles ridden: 0
Cumulative miles: 10320

We had a lazy day were we caught up with our blog and did some housekeeping. Since it was sunny outside, we wanted to have a swim. The hotel manager gave us the direction to the local pool, so we were on our way in the afternoon. It wasn’t too far so we walked. When we arrived at the pool, we realized that it was an indoor pool, but we went in anyway. Talking to the girls at the entrance, it turned out that a water aerobics lesson would start in 15 minutes, and the first lesson is free. The best thing was that we didn’t have to pay any entrance fee at all, so there was no excuse not to do it. I liked it. The water aerobics was fun and was good for us. We had a short swim afterwards too. Sigrid had a sore back initially, but  it was gone after the water aerobics. 🙂

On the way back we got some money out of a drive through ATM. It felt strange to pick the money up by foot.

When we came back to the motel, the camera lid which we were waiting for still hadn’t arrived. It should have been sent from Modesto ..

Date: 16/08
City: Umatilla, Oregon
Miles ridden: 233
Cumulative miles: 10553


This morning we waited for the postman again. But the parcel with our camera lid had still not arrived , so we left and drove to Multnomah Falls.

We had a short break at the falls, walked up to the bridge, took some picture and then continued to the bridge crossing the Columbia River. When we came to the bridge, we had to pay a toll (1.5$ for the two of us). The bridge surface was made of gridiron, and the bikes were wobbling all along… It was quite scary but everything went well!
The road on the other side was in good condition and not too much traffic, and the view was stunning. At some point we saw a train on the other side of the river; it looked like a model train.

At one stage there was a road sign that motorcycle rider should be particularly careful, but without any explanation why or what to look out for.

The last part of our run was a bit long, since there were no townships along the way there was no need to stop (my view, Sigrid had a slightly different point of view). We arrived in Umatilla after a long day, found a motel and negotiated a price with the host. He was asking for 59 + tax, I said I think we saw it on the internet for 55, so he gave it to us for 56 + tax, which was 61. At night, I realized that the tax in Oregon is only 1%, not 12 as he calculated. Anyway, the room was big and we were tired. Not sure how far we go tomorrow, but we have plenty of time to get to Canada. Maybe we camp tomorrow for 2 days. We will see 🙂

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