Independence Day

Date: 04/07
City: Modesto, California
Miles ridden: 75
Cumulative miles: 8933

Today we were invited to an independence day party by Tony and, with only a one hour drive back to Modesto, we had a really slow start with a nice looong breakfast with omelettes and plenty of coffee. I really liked the atmosphere in the restaurant . the owner and cook dressed up for independence day – he even added a hat for us to take a picture

Ahh, I forgot to mention that the place had a pool, so Sigrid was happy.

We drove back to the Ramada Inn in Modesto, checked in, dropped our gear off and went to Tony’s place. We didn’t realise that he had a pool so we didn’t bring bathers L. The party was great, we talked to some people and could ‘extract’ more information for our trip. Lucky, nobody lost an ear during our conversation- as far as we know, anyway. During the evening Tony was talking about playing in a restaurant on Saturday , so Jane said that she would like to celebrate her birthday in this restaurant and we could all meet there. So once more we had something else to look forward too.

There is no set time for fireworks. Like New Years Eve, the fireworks start when it gets dark. That made it hard to predict where the next couple of flares would come from, so most of the time I was pointing the camera in the wrong direction and before I got the camera ready and pointed it the right direction, the firework stopped and another started on the opposite site. Below are some pictures where I caught more than just smoke.

The advantage of not having the fireworks all at once is that it drags out for much longer. We departed around 11:00PM after a really good night

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  1. Hi, Ziggy & Bjoern – it’s Quentin (&Michelle) from Fairview Park In Adelaide just around the corner from Mel & Kev. I’ve only just started to follow your blogs (& Val & Brian’s) as since we lost our son last year we haven’t been very outgoing or active with the Ulysses. However, I decided to visit Mel & Kev the other day & they put me onto what you all were doing via the web & I’ve been hooked ever since. It just takes me forever to catch up as I want to look & read everything!!

    I never wanted to visit America before but you 4 have changed my mind. But I not so sure Michelle would sit on the back of a bike for that long – EVER!! LOL. 🙂

    Anyway, I enjoying all your adventures very much. Thanks for sharing them.

    All the very best, big hugs to both of you,
    Ps This is just a double up just in case you don’t get the other Facebook message

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