Starting plan B

Day: 73 – 75
Date: 14/06 – 16/06
City: Modesto, California
Miles ridden: 0
Cumulative miles: 61070

I talked to our friend Klaus from Germany yesterday and he suggested spending time in Europe until the hand healed enough to ride again. Good idea! But it will depend on the post treatment ~ specifically if it would be covered in Europe as well. So we tentatively planned a trip to Europe for two month. After doing the boring math, it turns out that yes, it would be feasible. I wouldn’t be much more expensive than staying in the USA because accommodation would be free and we could get a car from our friend.

The thumb was still numb, so we made another doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. We went to the BMW shop before the doctors appointment to have a look for new gear. We got the most unenthusiastic salesman ever. He tried to sell us some nice BMW trousers which were apparently made from Dynatec, which is  BMW abrasive resistant material, similar to Kevlar. Just as we nearly ordered a pair, we found out that these trousers were made out of the lower abrasion resistant material ‘Cordura’.  Nope, I’ve used the abrasion protection of Kevlar before, I’d rather not settle for less.  After checking out the other gear nothing really appealed to us, so we left. No business for them today.

We drove to the doctor. She had a look and was happy with what she saw. She said the numbness could take some time before it passes. The bad and good news is, the post treatment has to be done by the surgeon who did the operation. That means we don’t have to pay for it ourselves but we can’t go to Europe for the two month.  Ah well, back to the drawing board… But I did get a new bandage, shorter than the previous one! I can move the arm better. The next appointment is next Friday, which gives us the opportunity to travel seven days 🙂


The next day was pretty uneventful. We setup the tent in front of our hotel room, just to see if there is other damage.

There’s the five small holes in the bottom, which we fixed it temporarily with gaffa tape.

At lunch we got a call from the insurance agent, he asked if we could meet him at the workshop. So we went and talked to him about which parts of the bike should be replaced and what happened at the accident. He would try to organize all parts and they should be there and fitted in roughly two weeks.
We went ‘home’ and started looking for accommodation around the Yosemite Park, but it looks like that prices double for the weekend. So we decided to stay here a day longer here for the same price, and leave on Monday.

So we had a day to spare where we had to move rooms and the rest of the day was just relaxing at the pool.

With nothing else to do, I tried some new protective gear for the head, maybe I can use thisinstead of buying a new helmet?

Otherwise we planned the next couple of days. The plan is that we drive through the Yosemite Park, then up to Lake Tahoe, stay there for a day and get back to Modesto via Yosemite Park.


  1. Maybe you could find someone who wants a couple of ‘house sitters’ for a few weeks, might be acheaper option to hotels?
    Or maybe hire a camper van and go a see what you can nearby and then return back to the bikes?

  2. Looks like Bjoern is very high on medication… he he he
    Get well soon. Heaps love to you both. Its so great to keep hearing your wonderful account. Love it. Keep it up

  3. Just checked in and was not happy to see your trip had a mishap. Glad to see that wounds should be temporary and you are working on plan “B” . You guys are covering alot of ground and I think the blog is awesome.

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