San Francisco

Day: 66
Date: 07/06
City: San Francisco, California
Miles ridden: 30
Cumulative miles: 5926

Called the tyre guys in the morning, both had to order the 2nd pair of tyres in. So we decided to order them with the bike shop closest to us . We would get up in the morning, get the tyres fitted and ride off to the Yosemite NP.

Then we started 2 up and went to Staples – like an office supply store – to order new business cards for our journey, as we gave our last card away yesterday.  After that we drove to the Richmond BART station. We parked our bike there and secured it with the security chain from Wombat and put the cover over. I must admit the surrounding didn’t fill me with great confidence that we still would find everything when we returned…

From here we were using the train to go into San Franscisco. The train traveled under the bay and is fully automated, where the train driver is only there as a backup and controls the closing of the doors.

Anyway, we arrived at Powel Station where we joined the long queue to hop on the cable car. After 3 cars where gone it was our turn. We started to sit in the car, but after a couple of stations, some seats outside became available. We took them and I could stand on the outside and hang onto the car. At the end we left the car at Lombard Street.

We walked down Lombard street and continued to the piers where there is apparently good and cheap seafood available

We had a look at the sea lions at the pier and had some clam chowder in a bread bowl. Actually, I got a refill. And by that I mean, after we had eaten all the chowder and the bread bowl was left, I went back and asked for a refill. First the cook thought I was joking and said there was no refill, then I told him that we very much liked his chowder, and we came all the way from Australia to taste it, but the bread was now a bit dry. He agreed to refill it for 2 bucks 😀

Anyway, after a nice filling meal we went back to the cable car, waited in a queue for 2 cars to go before it was our turn. Hopped on the car, went back to the BART station, hopped onto the BART train, and returned to our motorbike. Everything was there as we left it. As I said before, most of the people are good and you must be lucky to meet somebody who is not 😀

Then we went back to Staples to get our business cards and copies of our motorcycle title which we laminated there (for Central/South America). For tea we bought tuna salad and beer and went to the hotel to see the sunset, eating tuna salad.

Planned the day ahead and booked the accommodation for tomorrow.

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