The loooong Good byeeee!

Day: 21 – 24
Date: 22/4 – 25/4
City: Washington, District Columbia
Miles ridden: 207
Cumulative miles: 757

As the screws and the bracket for one bash plate were lost during transport, B&B sent a new set via express post and we got it yesterday. Bjoern is finally fitting the second bash plate!

Meantwhile wombat is fitting the screen extension on their bikes:

We where testing the heated vests, note the look of total satisfaction on Bjoern face


And our motorbike titles arrived finally too:

We’re also getting used to the strange signs, like this one:

which is ‘turn left to turn right’…

We also arranged the first service on the bikes

Had some relaxing time with Stephen’s family, here is Katherine with our Diddles and Mr Guinness (the dog).

Some beer at night:

And now, finally, the last day arrived! Val’s and wombat’s bikes are at Stephen’s house, ours are still at the workshop- so we’re off to the workshop, Yee-harw, bikes are ready!

And as an extra for todays update, some pictures from the family who hosted us for almost an entire month!

Karen and Sarah:

Colleen and Kathrine:









Karen and Katherine:

Stephen and Karen:

A MASSIVE Thank You to all of you!


And with that, it’s back to our preparations.

Apparently, this should all fit onto the bikes… uhm…

Oh, and so it does!


After some drama with our failed attempt to send stuff back we finally left at 3:30 pm for Washington!

Here’s a shot of us storing the last part of our luggage: the diddles.

We are finally on the road for real!


All bikes fully packed:

We arrived in Washington at around 19:00.  When we checked in, we realized that a policemen in a car was watching the boom gate of the hotel. The lady in the office assured us that since the officer has been there, they had way fewer problems:-). When we asked her if we could go for a walk to get something for dinner, she strongly discouraged us from walking in the street at night.
So tonight we got all of our gear into the hotel room and put a chain through all four bikes!

Here’s hoping they’re still there tomorrow 😉




  1. Well well well! Hope you’re still riding happily, loved Niagara and also enjoyed meeting your initial hosties! Can’t wait to hear more from you two, huggles! A & A

  2. Hi Brian,
    Really enjoying your blog and looking forward to new installments! Your bikes look great. Mick finally got an orange 2012 in and I had a look at it today – very nice- hope you enjoy yours. I have to tell you that I sat on a pretty nice 1200cc BMW that was sitting on the floor as well! I was VERY nearly tempted but it’s probably a bit tall and heavy for me but was nice to dream. I remember going to Bear Mtn with my dad when I was a kid. Ride safe and have ball!

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