Riding the Skyline drive

Day: 27
Date: 28/4
City: Waynesboro, Virginia
Miles ridden: 220
Cumulative miles: 970

We packed the bikes and left Washington around 10:30 and arrived at the entry of the Blue Ridge parkway after lunch. It started to get a bit cold for most of us. I don’t know what Val’s new motorbike jacket (the one she purchased at twisted throttle) is made off… When we stopped, we were all cold but Val was saying she was hot… We should see if the jacket glows as well at night šŸ˜‰

Anyway, we had the technology, so we hooked up our new heated liner and gloves and from then on it was toasty warm. Since it looked like it would start to rain, we also put on our rain gear, and were setup for anything. After the first couple of miles we encountered a bear mum with her two cups to cross the road. Before I got the photo camera out, they disappeared into the scrubs.

The bear mum minding her own business.

Later on we saw some dear on the side of the road and crossing the road as well. Since the speed limit is 35mph, it was no problem to stop in time to let the Dear cross. When we climbed up the hill, we started to ride through clouds, so we reduced the speed even more to avoid dear rash;)

Did I mentioned the heated vests and gloves?

It makes riding so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to shiver on the bike. Since it was cold and sometimes drizzling, we decided to skip the camp ground and go for a motel.

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